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Canterbury, are you ready yet?
An article about how Canterbury has succeeded in the music industry
Written on 20 March, 2013 by Kirsty Hanson.
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It was November 4th 2011 when I went to see The Blackout at Birmingham 02 arena and I discovered something amazing. No, not how hilariously funny Sean Smith and Gavin Butler (The Blackout) can be. Not how dedicated their fans are but how captivating and explosive one of the support bands was. This band is known as Canterbury. As soon as they started playing, the crowd went absolutely mental, jumping up and down in pure excitement as the four guys in front of them showed us what they had to offer. I'll admit, I didn't know any of their songs, but they were catchy, the riffs coming from the guitars hooked you and made you feel part of the whole experience. Their whole set was such a surreal experience and when they were finished, I have to say, I was sad to see to them go. A few days after the concert, I went onto iTunes and bought their debut album Thank You, which was released November 2009. The guys from Surrey who call themselves Canterbury made sure that their fans could enjoy their music without spending a penny. It was possible to download Thank You for free from their website. Thank You was released in 2009 and was such a promising album. Tracks such as "Friends? We're More Like a Gang" and "Peace & Quiet" are the more up-tempo tracks that set a very lively atmosphere. The whole album has quite an upbeat feeling apart from "Hospital" which suggests the setting of a coma with the lyric "maybe, you'll come here to visit, and you can sit and watch me sleep, and we can talk of what you will, but I'll miss the point "cause all I have are dreams". Even then, you can't really count this song as a 'slow' song-the drums and the guitars suggest differently. All in all, Thank You promotes a rich sound and good, enjoyable music. Their EP, Calm Down was released October 25th 2010 and includes the tracks Calm Down, Trainers and Your Face is in HD. By listening to this EP, you can tell that the guys have progressed slightly their sound seems more sharp, clean. It seems to be more of an alternative sound rather than the rock sound audiences could hear in Thank You. It seems less.. raw. Perhaps a bit better? The three tracks showed a lot of promise; especially Your Face is in HD which is my personal favourite. Whenever I listen to it, I always find my toes tapping along to the beat of the verses. When the song gets to the chorus, I find my head bopping along too which is proof that the staccato guitars and vocals have such a big impact on how catchy the song is. More than a year later, on October 31st 2011, their next EP-More Than Know was released. It included the tracks More Than Know, Routine and Lost in the Basement. The EP has even more toe tapping and head bopping beats. I think my favourite track on here is Routine. The drums are very significant in this song. It's a very simple song but in this case, simple works and we see 'simple' at its best. Yet again, the boys know how to please an audience. With the huge riffs and great vocals what can the audience do except wait until they release something else amazing? Saviour, the single was released May 2012 and gave another insight into one of the tracks that would be put on the future album. Saviour. It's such a good track. The opening hook from the guitar is amazing, it's a tune that will stick in your head for a very long time. Canterbury's second album was released 9th July 2012. In Heavy in the Day, Canterbury explores slower songs that slowly build up to big dramatic choruses like in Wrapped in Rainbows and Garden Grows. When listening to Seen It All, you think that it's going to be a slow song all the way through but no, the lads just can't resist putting in heavy drums and guitars near the middle of the song-the track is beautiful. The track Heavy in the Day is a great way to open their new album. The vocals in the song are amazing, slow and smooth, they just reel you in. In a sense, it's a very soothing song that makes you feel at ease. The songs Calm Down and Something Better are very powerful with the amazing guitars and drums and catchy vocals. Trust me, both of those songs have been in my head for a long time, I'm singing them over and over again, and I don't get sick of them. That's the beauty of Canterbury, no matter how much you listen to their songs, you never tire of them. I have a feeling that this band will just keep bringing perfection to the table in the future. The long awaited second album certainly hasn't let fans down. They just keep getting better and better: the vocals, the lyrics, the drums, bass and guitars. I can't wait until they release some more new material. I'm trying to think if they can possible get any better? Time will soon tell...

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