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The Best of the Best in Cinema.
These are not the best movies ever made. Or are they? This is an introduction to classic cinema. Enjoy the greats of the Golden Age.
Written on 20 March, 2013 by AKing.
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People often panic when they see the word 'classics' and the next mistake they make is that they assume the movies are going to be boring as hell. Well let me tell you something, these movies wouldn't be classics if they were boring, and nor would they be on this list. Some of these films do lack a progressive pace, but make sure that you only pass judgement after having sat through the whole affair, not just the first ten minutes. 1. Dr. Strangelove The full title of the film is actually "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb". Now if that hasn't already caught your attention, let the name Stanley Kubrick flow through your ears and if you haven't heard of him, well let me say that I'm personally disappointed in you. So before you embarrass yourself, open a new tab and Google who he is. Now onto the movie. Dr. Strangelove is nothing you like you've seen before and you probably won't ever see something like it again. If you're one of those easygoing film fans whose favorite movie is Taken and they think that a movie that came out in 2003 is old, I recommend taking the time out of your daily schedule to sit back and appreciate this masterpiece. It's a comedy, a satire, a light take on a serious issue and most important of all, it's fun. 2. 2001: A Space Odyssey Another Kubrick film, but this one is nothing like Strangelove. It instead possesses it's own unparalleled sense of grandness and his more than successful in making you ask yourself some surprisingly deep questions. If you couldn't sit through Strangelove because it was black and white, 2001 would probably be a better option because even though it has a tiresome pace, the special effects throughout the movie can compete with those of a movie that came out yesterday. If you sit through this brilliant piece of cinema, I can almost guarantee that you would be an uplifted person when it came to assessing film and would almost always let out a slight grin every time you hear the name Hal. 3. The Godfather Trilogy Nearly everyone has heard of the Godfather trilogy, but the question is, have you every actually taken the time out to watch the films? Never ever has the Italian Mafia been depicted so powerfully on screen and never will it be again. With heavyweights like Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro acting in the films, the characters portrayed can be felt through their awe-inspiring presences and powerful depictions. I would suggest reading the original book by Mario Puzo as well because if you thought the movie was good, this novel will blow you away. 4. Scarface Al Pacino plays an unforgettable role as a Cuban Immigrant named Tony Montana who is bent on a quest for money and power. And how exactly does he accomplish this? By massacring through hordes of gangsters, selling extensively large amounts of drugs and still maintaining his basic sense of humanity. It's the ultimate story of a man who came with nothing, but left with everything. 5. Apocalypse Now Watch it. Watch it again. t's a tale about a group of soldiers headed on their way to deal with a Colonel who's gone rogue. This movie isn't about the gunfights or the cool explosions. It's about the ordeal and the experiences of the soldiers who are involved. A truly captivating film.

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