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PODIO - the solution to Information Overload
Is information hiding in your organisation?
Written on 11 January, 2013 by Jubes.
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Everyday we hear how wonderful Social Technology is don't we? How can we use it to expose and share information about our customers, staff, prospects and partners? If we're honest, most of us have been wondering what the relevance was for business - particularly internally. The idea of creating an internal social network is great for encouraging a 'cool' working environment but how does it directly help you run your organisation? This was certainly my view before coming across PODIO last year. This is a platform which enables you to collaborate and share information and ideas in a business context. You build your own apps (or talk to a partner like us to help you) which are structured for the way YOU want to work. This is game changing technology and can greatly improve internal communications, manage information flow, encourage collaboration (both internally and externally) and help you get to grips with email tyranny. Shortly after first seeing PODIO, I decided to replace the main system used in our recruitment division with a Podio 'workspace' configured to meet our particular needs - and have now become PODIO partners. We are able to offer apps to clients covering a range of areas from recruitment, staff management, project management and crm - along with advice and guidance to help you role it out. Other software vendors are catching on - and adding social elements to their applications. Whilst this is to be celebrated, these features are usually just a veneer. PODIO is collaborative and social from the inside and is currently unique in offering an app building and social platform combined. Break free of all those tracking spreadsheets and little databases and start making use of all the valuable information hiding in plain sight in your organisation.

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Have just downloaded to my ipad! It looks very interesting and just the thing for organising the charity project I am trying to get up and running......thank you

Comment by Janibel on 29 January, 2013 at 09:44:03.