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Dog Shows and the growing culture of the pampered pooch.
In a modern day culture where looks are becoming increasingly important to humans, what does it all mean to the animal kingdom?
Written on 16 February, 2013 by MMarsella25.
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Looks more than personality are becoming more important in our modern day society where first impressions mean everything. It is the case that how we look is not enough; our pets have to share our love of high fashion and glamour. With television coverage of the annual Crufts championship and new television shows such as Top Dog Model increasing public attention on the nation"s dogs, is human vanity being projected onto our pets? Janice Malcolm, a new dog-owner said, "I personally don't agree with dog shows as I believe they should be for a family pet and I don't think all that pressure and preening should be put on any animal for human enjoyment." For the people involved, these shows are very important and seem to have become a way of life, but they remain open to ridicule by those not in the loop and ethics is frequently questioned where Crufts is concerned. Issues over how the dogs are bred are still being questioned. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals dropped its support of Crufts after breeders were accused of facilitating painful and often deadly deformities within dogs. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, revealed that the increase in people buying dogs, whether they are purebreds or not, is damaging the lives of shelter dogs and encourage people to adopt rather than buy their pets. The Belfast Dog Show Society is one of the oldest of its kind in the UK and Ireland, having been established in 1880. The society holds an annual Championship show at the end of September and an open show every Easter Tuesday.

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