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Things I thought turning 20 would mean..
Back when I was in secondary school, I couldn't wait to grow up just like everyone else, but 5 years on and I'm almost out of my teen years, heading on the one way track to my 20somethings.
Written on 27 February, 2013 by bbird.
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Here's a few things my naive 15-year-old self would have figured out by now: 1. The perfect career By now the perfect 9 til 5 career, doing something that I absolutely love, with wonderful coworkers and a quiet travel commute should be part of my daily routine. Alas I'm still wasting my weekends working away in a dead-end retail job, that is slowly turning me to hate the general public, as each and every single shift passes by, WHILST still studying to get qualified for a job that seems ridiculously out of reach right now. 2. Independence Flying the nest is something we dream of in our rebellious youth years. Getting out of your childhood bedroom and into some cool, Skins like house with all your friends where you have wild parties or stay up all night contemplating alien conspiracy theories with your room mates. However, I'm still in the same room that I had when I was 15, with the same bed, and the same posters littering the walls. I'm nowhere near being able to rent a cupboard in a house, let alone a whole room. 3. The One. Teenage romances are known to be fleeting, the classic summer romance. But we live for the day that we can say we've found 'The One'. No more chasing boys on the playground, no more doodling hearts in your school books and no more childish heart breaks. You thought you'd of had your fair share by the time you hit your twenties. Yet, just like everything else I thought I'd be able to achieve by the time I turned 20, this is just another failure to add to this list. I struggle enough to remember to water the potted plant in my room, let alone be able to be there for someone else, emotionally, romantically and physically. What I have learnt over the past few years is that you'll always be moving forward no matter what, as long as you have goals and dreams. Yeah, maybe you won't get there as soon as you hoped but you know you will eventually. Who knows where I'll be in 5 more years... Maybe I'll finally impress my 15-year-old self.

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