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The 'F' word
Being rated on 'rape potential', being thought of as brainless bimbo's - has this generation lost respect for women all together?
Written on 11 March, 2013 by RebeccaPugh.
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It sends shudders down the spines of those who disregard equality, and it practically greets men with a back-hand from its proverbial power. 1 word, 8 letters, and a reputation that exceeds itself: Feminism. It's a word which tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth; dare I ask why? Are those who dub themselves 'Feminists' merely women whose future includes themselves, a double-figured amount of cats, and a set of dentures which bring out that 'old hag' stereotype? I'm seventeen, felines aren't my favourite, and my only feature resembling an 'old hag' is my frizzing hair - and perhaps my pessimistic attitude; yet I call myself a feminist. I haven't gone as far to burn my underwear in the streets, nor am I man-hater who hopes to conquer the world by myself. It's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the press coverage of the topic, when reading Rebecca Meredith's Daily Mail article of abusive behaviour at Universities, I was livid. Beyond livid, furious even. Heading off to University in 2014 is daunting enough, not including the thought of being rated on my 'rape potential' as Rebecca was. Surely this behaviour should leave us with our jaws slack and incapable of speech? Instead, eyes are merely blinked; our generation has become accustomed to the demeaning attitude towards women. Personally? I don't care if Taylor Momsen performs on stage in stripper heels and corsets; in fact I think the outfit's wild - showing your body is one matter, but the hateful comments that follow are unacceptable. A constant stream of media including near-naked models, advertisements using (you guessed it) women's "assets" and an emphasis on physicality has produced an ignorant group of young people who are blinded to the fact that those model's brains are still fully functioning. Rebecca was performing in a Debating Final (fully clothed, I'll have you know), using her intellectual nature to her advantage, only to have male students shouting 'What does a woman know anyway?' I'll tell you what we know; respect. Although we're all born with hearts, lungs, livers and brains, apparently to have equal amounts of intellect is unimaginable. When seeing Hollywood's finest dressed in that only which covers the necessities, they're branded 'whores' - yet the males who walk down the Boulevard's shirtless are regarded as God's. I'm still awaiting physical evidence of Beauty equalling Intellect - so I'll give you my personal definition of the 'F' word: It's being able to say that I'm part of something that encourages social rights for women, that allows women to prove that we have our own minds, to make our own decisions, not merely to answer to those who think they're superior. It proves that being referred to as just an object is wrong. It sets standards, which are so easily broken by today's generation. You may think that 'Feminism' is a dirty word, but it's no dirtier than the words that follow it.

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You have got a point, well said!

Comment by RupertAtkins on 12 March, 2013 at 14:08:41.