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"Press regulation deal struck by parties"
Investigative journalism has revealed many scandals in its time - but has the News International phone-hacking scandal ruined it for everyone?
Written on 18 March, 2013 by jessicaallen.
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As someone who wants to go into print journalism for a career, it was obviously a great shock for me in 2011 to find out the extent of the News International phone hacking scandal. It's almost a given that investigative journalists, especially those writing for tabloid and gossip, will find ways to find out exactly what they want. In the past, such skilled journalists have uncovered scandals such as the MPs expenses. David Cameron ordered the Leveson Inquiry to take place and then immediately dismissed the findings and suggestions for improvement. On reflection, it was to be expected, so that he kept both the people and the press on his side. Despite this, a deal had to be agreed so that the same events of phone-hacking cannot happen again and infringe the right to privacy of members of the public. Personally, I feel that celebrities such as John Prescott and Paul O'Grady should understand that they are potentially vulnerable to the media digging into their lives; but even I would draw the line at the interruption of members of the public or victims of incredibly media-covered crimes (such as Sara Payne, Jean Charles de Menezes and Milly Dowler). It will be interesting to see the angle taken by the press in the light of this press regulation agreement: many print media institutions support Conservatives and have been truly screwed over by the Prime Minister this time around. I myself am wondering whether the press and politics will have such a close relationship (whether conflict or otherwise) due to this announcement. One thing is for sure, and that is that the press will never be able to operate in the same way again - but with growing use of technology, there will probably be more ways for investigative journalists to find their stories.

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