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Invaders invade the British music scene
Invaders, the band that will blow you all away
Written on 19 March, 2013 by Kirsty Hanson.
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I was being driven to work a while back and I decided to turn Kerrang! radio on. I think back to that day and I realise how lucky I was. At that precise moment, DJ Kate Lawler was presenting the recent and decent track. The track was called Hummingbird by an Aussie band named Invaders. As soon as the track had finished, I went straight onto iTunes desperately looking for any sign of this band that had completely blown me away. I couldn't find anything. All that came up was Cheryl Cole and The Prodigy. I felt deflated. After that day, I was looking on iTunes and going on Kerrang! website nearly every week to look for any updates and nothing came up. I was starting to get frustrated. Who knew that hearing this song could provoke such emotion? The band Invaders consists of Tyrone Bain (vocals), Archie Mann (guitar), Alex Raffaelli (synthesist) and Gene Clark (drums). The Australian electro-rockers formed last year and have been working non-stop so that they could release their self-titled EP. They recently moved to London so that they could transform their music into something bigger and unique. Invaders was self-released on Monday 18th June and listening to the EP, it was definitely worth the wait. The EP includes the tracks Hummingbird, Vapour, Stand Still and Listen, Three's A Crowd and English Sky. In Three's A Crowd, you can hear the definite influence of the beats of Pendulum-the bass pounding through the speakers-and offers the audience a taste of dup-step. Vapour is a very soothing song and Tyrone's voice just puts you at ease. Hummingbird was an amazing song to kick off the production. The amazing notes coming from Alex's synth, the smashing of Gene on the drums, Archie rocking out on the guitar and Tyrone's strong voice makes up this awesome new sound. Each song on the EP brings something new to the table, showing us how much this band is actually capable of. Invaders have been in three issues of Kerrang! magazine so far. The latest have been issue #1421 and issue #1422-the latter being a review of the long-awaited EP. Kerrang! described it as "remarkably slick and well-honed" giving it a score of 3 out of 5. When did you first start getting involved in music? I have been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember. I can remember wanting a guitar when I was 6 years old and wanting to be Slash when I grew up. I was in bands through high school and have been in bands ever since, said guitarist Archie Mann Was there a band that changed everything for you? I have loved so many bands and guitarists from my childhood and I love discovering new music all the time. The one band which sticks out for me though is Nirvana. They were the soundtrack to my teenage years and influenced me to start up a band in high school. I still put on there albums from time to time and it is timeless! I also got to meet Butch Vig who produced Nevermind and he was such a nice guy. One day I want to record with him! Any extra material that fans could look forward to in the near future? We are always writing new material. We actually have a lot of material that we have been demoing, it is progressing nicely and we can't wait to record an album to get it out there. Until then come and check out a show as we play a number of songs which are not on the EP. For fans of: Pendulum, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars

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